300 Vehicles On Fire Near Bengaluru Air Show, Cigarette Could Be Cause


This afternoon, about 300 vehicles were destroyed in a large fire in the parking lot of the place where the air show took place in Bengaluru. Authorities say the cause of the fire could be a lit cigarette that was placed on the lawn in the open field.

In the sky, near the Yelahanka air base in northern Bangalore, huge columns of thick black smoke could be seen, where around one hundred planes are stationed for the Aero India 2019 biennial event.

The chief police officer, MN Reddi, said the fire spread rapidly due to dry grass and strong winds. Hundreds of vehicles, including two-wheelers and automobiles, were seen parked in archives on open ground, surrounded by fire.

The fire has been controlled and no injuries have been reported.

“Fire in the open-air parking lot of the aerodynamic exhibition Nearly 20 cars were burned, Fire-fighting operations carried out by the Fire Chief and the staff of 10 ongoing water tenders (sic)”, wrote Mr. Reddi.

The fire spread rapidly due to the dry grass and strong winds.

The air show was temporarily suspended once the fire spread and no plane took off from the air base until the fire was completely extinguished.

Today’s incident comes less than a week after two planes of the Suryakiran Aerobatics Team of the Indian Air Force crashed after a collision in the air above the airbase. One of the three pilots in the accident had died.

The five-day air show began on Wednesday and will conclude tomorrow.