These new “extreme cut” jeans are the dumbest fashion statement since the male romper


Summer is almost upon us, and that means that every idiotic and novel fashion trend available to the human imagination is about to spring from the proverbial carpentry and enter your Twitter account. On this occasion last year, we were struggling to wrap ourselves in the male romper (and, to a lesser extent, in a swimsuit jumpsuit), and now hell is braver than ever thanks to the new “jeans” of extreme cut of Carmar Denim. Seriously, where is Thanos when you need him?

Without front, backless and crotchless trousers, “extreme cut” jeans are suitable for emergencies in public restrooms and, to be honest, they are not much more. But before, umm, you destroy Carmar for this advertising trick approved by Fyre Festival, at least take into account the fact that now you are going to have lunch with your mother while wearing a denim g-sting on top of your normal underwear. Small triumphs, friends. Small triumphs