Khloe Kardashian knew Tristan Thompson was the one


Khloe Kardashian knew that Tristan Thompson was the chosen one. The star of reality TV, Khloe Kardashian, confessed that he knew that Tristan Thompson was “very quickly” because he felt “comfortable and safe” with him immediately. The star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, who awaits her first child with the basketball star, says she had an instant connection with her partner when they met and felt “comfortable and safe” with him immediately. Writing in her application, she shared: “My answer probably did not apply to everyone, but I knew that Tristan was very quick, I never felt so comfortable or so safe with someone, because of that, I took it very slowly and was cautious about how I was about ‘us’, I made sure I had very deep conversations, I wanted to make sure those conversations were backed up by actions. “Tristan was as close to his life as I was to mine. It was really comforting to feel that someone had the same belief systems as me. We talk about religion, children and our families. I think all those things are important to really know the ins and outs of someone. It is very easy to fall in love with someone during the honeymoon phase when you have not yet discussed the logistics of life. But you have to talk about real things if you want a real / lasting relationship. “Meanwhile, Khloe previously admitted that her pregnancy is” physically and mentally difficult, “but praised Tristan for making everything” as easy and beautiful as it can be “. . ” She said: “Having a partner who is as excited as you are, and that is a support system, is crucial! Tristan has been an angel to me! This process is trying, physically and mentally, but Tristan has done make everything as easy and beautiful as possible! More than I could have imagined. “