Kate Upton avoids disaster at Sports Illustrated photo shoot


Kate Upton avoids disaster in the Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Model, Kate Upton was “laughing at death” when she was dragged from a rock in Aruba. The 25-year-old model was posing on a rock, wearing only a heavy skirt of tulle, when the great wave crashed against her and left her unconscious and now Kate has spoken about the incident. Speaking on a video shared on the Instagram Sports Illustrated account, Kate said: “I really saw the picture, but when I went up to the rock I looked down and thought, ‘This is going to end badly.'” It did not look so great from my point of view, but it must have hit the rock exactly. This skirt every time it is wet with all the tools is very heavy and dragged me down. “I felt that I was laughing in the face of death.” Looking back, that should have been a time when we were photoshopped there. “The footage was shared with the caption:” Oops! Things got a bit difficult in the #SISwim 2018 session of @ kateupton in Aruba! “Photographer Yu Tsai praised the” brave “model for her efforts, Tsai wrote on Instagram:” There are no words to describe my love for the brave and iconic @kateupton. “Video footage of the incident showed Kate falling while a A member of the crew was trying to save her, Kate came to her first SI edition swimsuit cover when she was 19 in 2012, had her second in 2013 and appeared on the cover last year.