It’s about being where you are required: Divya Jagdale


What does a woman feel about love, politics and children? Well, Divya Jagdale has her side of the story ready as she prepares to go solo with ‘The Way I See It’ brought to Pune by Aabracadabra entertainment. In a stand-up comedy format, the play features Divya discussing themes ranging from love to politics, and children to the present. “It’s a celebration of a woman’s life and a reflection of each woman.” It’s a happy version of issues that we consider serious, “says Divya.

The program focuses on what you think about topics such as relationships, friends and what the world is today, filtered through your opinions. “My husband wrote the play and it comes out of our lives, I inaugurated the show two years ago in Mumbai and I find it apt to perform on or around a woman’s day every year.”

Divya believes in participating in projects that awaken something within her. She feels it does not have to be a serious issue, even comedy can make you stop and think. “A subject should release something inside you, I have that thumb rule when choosing projects, I should be able to let myself pose a point and, at the same time, get something out of myself,” says the actor, who believes in spreading things. and work on one thing at a time. “It’s about being where you are required and giving your best.” I believe in being in the right place and applying my 100 percent to what I am doing. I am open to all means whenever I want to do it. For me, a workspace is not about being prolific as much as being there at the right time. ”

She is currently exploring an idea with her son, she explains, “My son decided that he wanted to film a film on a phone, it will be a 15 minute short film, I will direct it too, my family is very inclined to pressure me to become a director. he is interested in exploring the medium and my only advice for him is not to compare or let himself be influenced, and to continue working as best he can. ”

What: The way I see it introducing Divya Jagdale

Where: JW Marriott, SB Road and Effingut, Baner

When: March 8, 12 p.m. and 7 p.m.