How Amazon’s Fashion Business Continues to Evolve


The presence of Amazon as an online retailer is always evolving. The push of the company towards the sale of clothes illustrates it well. For many years, Amazon’s clothing options and shopping experience were decidedly mediocre. To change that, he made a handful of acquisitions in the 2000s, which included the popular shopping destination for women Shopbop. Amazon began to venture into the clothing space in earnest around 2012, but in recent years its momentum in fashion has been more serious. After debuting with its vertical version of Amazon Fashion, the company presented a handful of fashion brands in 2016 to close the gap left by brands that were not willing to sell their products on the platform. Since then, a baby clothing store and celebrity fashion associations have also been introduced. Last June, a box of Stitch Fix style clothes was added for Prime members, which allowed them to buy items, try them for a week and give them back what they did not like. Even the Echo Look, one of the company’s recent intelligent speakers, focuses on fashion; helps owners document their outfits through photos and, through machine learning, suggests which styles look best on the user. Amazon became the largest online clothing retailer in the US UU
in 2016. He continued to develop his fashion business last year, including partnerships with high-profile brands such as Nike and Calvin Klein and expanding into new regional markets. In 2018, it continues to be based on that impulse.