Fashion brand sells safety goggles as accessory


Do you remember the methacrylate glasses that you had to put on the school science classes?

Those that never fit the width of your face? Those who made you look like the most dweebiest of dweebs? Would classmates make fun of you for using it, even though they were probably also using them?

Well, look who’s laughing now, since a LA fashion brand is sending us back to the chemistry class selling safety glasses for $ 25 (£ 17).

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Favored by people like Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid, Brashy Studios is known for its urban contemporary clothing and urban aesthetics, but the appropriate glasses for the lab could take things to the next level.

Exactly what smart fashionistas need security, we are not entirely sure.

Could it be that they relieve the pain of witnessing a fashionable crime that develops before your eyes, that is, seeing a gentleman put on socks with sandals?

Or maybe they protect against the glow of fluorescent clothing, which is rarely acceptable to be worn or seen outside of an Ibizan rave, or a UV store in the Camden market.

Whatever the intentions of Brashy Studios, we suspect that it will not be long before a series of celebrity trendsetters start parading in lab glasses, and fashion magazines label the look as “subversive”.

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At least your eyes will be protected from harmful chemical compounds and, uh, flying things …

For those looking to “get the look” without the $ 25 price tag, you can buy a pair of very similar practical eyewear at a number of DIY stores: B & Q sell clear and amber variations for £ 3.

You know what they say, first security.