Engineer turned fashion designer turned ACP: Manjita Vanzara dons many hats


Manjita Vanzara was born into a family of officials. But that did not make her want to continue on her way, nor did her family press her to choose her as her career. Then, after graduating as an engineer, she set out to become a fashion designer.

Manjita completed her graduate degree in fashion design and started working in one of the leading fashion brands. However, a few years later, she is now an IPS officer, the first female assistant to the police commissioner (ACP) of Ahmedabad.

Although Manjita came from a wealthy family, her parents were determined not to indulge her. This meant not having access to cars at home and using public transportation for all their trips. Therefore, while growing up, she was aware of the struggles of the people around her. And that disturbed her enough to make him want to become a police officer and serve society. When talking about that decision with Femina, she said: