Deepika Padukone and OPPO- Two style symbols share a mystery; Want to know?


Deepika has emerged as a style icon in the year, she has not only established herself in Bollywood but also in Hollywood, as well as her style and grace. By debiting in front of King Khan, he has gone a long way and has to look back. His journey is not just about fashion, but it is also a reflection of his confidence. Being an attractive girl next door, she has evolved into a special diva. His recent appearances have been a balance of the classic elegant gown with the receptacle cutout and have been accompanied by informal chic styles with “Attitude to the Devil” attitude.

From its movie promotions to fashion weeks, Deepika is ruling on the red carpet with the classic Slim Back Hair, which has fewer accessories, and fitted dresses which put pressure on her lean body. His recent partnership with OPPO has also established him as a style icon. India’s leading photographer OPPO has chosen Deepika as her brand ambassador due to her style and ingenuity with which she takes herself