Bitcoin Couture Makes Its Debut at New York Fashion Week


While New York Stock Exchange traders grappled with a market in freefall, this week citywide all eyes were on more important issues. New York Fashion Week officially begins today (February 8), and in a preview on Tuesday, the latest haute couture and avant-garde designs were showcased. In an attempt to take advantage of the spirit of the time, the runway show of Ovadia & Sons presented a model that rocked an outfit with bitcoin themes.

From the Blockchain to the catwalkBitcoin Couture Makes Its Debut at New York Fashion Week

Bitcoin has recently appeared in the most unlikely places, from Kentucky Fried Chicken to the catwalk. In an era in which everything is placed in the chain of blocks and placed “blockchain” in front of everything, it was inevitable that the craze of cryptography was recovered by fashion lovers sooner or later. Bitcoin has long since become the mainstream, but it is believed to be the first time it becomes a catwalk.

Fashion designers are known for taking advantage of trends that are fashionable, often controlling movements and themes with little sensitivity or understanding of the underlying problems. It’s not that you need to understand distributed accounting technology to hit the logo of a bitcoin on a silk shirt, of course; all that is needed is for a certain reason to be hot, and at this moment Bitcoin fulfills all the requirements.

The coda of Ariel and Shimon Ovadia for NYFW saw them take inspiration from punk, Silicon Valley and cryptography. A collection of 35 pieces for men was exhibited, with the most outstanding, at least for bitcoiners, which is an elegant green shirt combined with a fake sailor cap. “Bitcoin accepted, no money,” said the slogan on the side of his shirt. Judging from the tormented look in the model’s eyes as she walked down the catwalk, she held up heavy bags of cryptography.

Bitcoin Couture Makes Its Debut at New York Fashion Week

Many of the pieces exhibited at events such as New York Fashion Week are haute couture that will never reach the street. Therefore, the prospects of taking the bitcoin shirt from Ovadia & Sons and being able to pay it in bitcoins (without cash) seem remote. Still, if fans of fashion with their own style imitated the appearance, it is nothing that can not be improved in five minutes with the help of a striking green shirt and a bitcoin iron logo.