Armaan Malik Shows Us How To Look Taller If You’re 5 ft. 6 inch And Under


Once upon a time, in a field called Fashion Police, we hardly cared about the street style celeb. What was the street style? We just knew it. Dressing with a red carpet was the only thing that mattered to the media. Most days of the week: A-listers used expensive equipment, matched things without stylists at their side and left their homes full of people (without a single f-k to give). But that is the past.

Unfortunately in the era of Ranveer Singh and the pioneer man clothes in India, he can not help but worry about “what he was wearing”. It is almost as a necessity to break things down for the masses. Take, for example, the recent attire of Armaan Malik, wearing a winter coat and high shoes, two things that really matter to us here. If you are close to being perplexed about what we are saying, read on to find out.

As a matter of fact, first, this outfit of Mr. Malik is very relaxed. There’s nothing extraordinary in a classic white T-shirt, topped with a flappy collar jacket and skinny jeans tucked into Balmain black / gold high sneakers. But fortunately for him, in an attempt to appear taller than usual, he has turned this outfit into a great example of tailoring to take into account. Especially if you are 5’6 ” tall or less.

Armaan Malik On How To Look Taller If You're 5'6

Using two simple tricks to get the sleeves (giving a more aerodynamic approach and focused from top to bottom to his body) and opting for high kicks instead of shoes with dirt, Armaan really owned this exit to the airport here. Nothing too bold, nothing too thunderous, has been paired carefully (and simply) to achieve the best results. Clearly, the singer knows one or two things about the style.

But although the prints or prints with horizontal stripes are a strict no-no for men who try to look taller (they make you look shorter), Malik also found a great way to do it. He lives by his whims and fantasies of life and, nevertheless, he knows how to dress like the expert he is. So, obviously, if you’re not as tall as the rest and you have an unobtrusive (but prominent) outfit at your disposal, it’s time to keep these styling tricks up to speed.