Vidya Balan does not interfere at all: Suresh Triveni


The advertising director turned into the filmmaker Suresh Triveni can not stop talking effusively about his protagonist, Vidya Balan. The duo has teamed up to work on the dramatic comedy project Tumhari Sulu. And there is a quality of Vidya that the director really appreciates.

Unlike other stars that interfere with the creative process of the directors, Vidya seems to have given Suresh a complete free hand. “A director is not someone the actors should blindly follow, and our job is also to gather opinions, which we do not think is interference,” he explains. In today’s time, when some actors take liberty with this to the extent that it could be classified as interference, the actress is an exception. “Vidya does not interfere at all!” He exclaims.

The director liked the actor and asked for opinions and ideas as well. “I call her a bank of questions, and her questions make you think,” she laughs.

“But, all these questions are only during preproduction, once she’s on set, she never asks, her entries have only added value to the film, it was collaboration on another level,” he adds.

A source close to the film revealed that actor Bobby Deol was the first choice to rehearse the role of Vidya’s husband. When asked, the director refused to divulge details. “I’m not going to comment on this, we auditioned for a long time and a lot of actors came in, but it was a very complicated character and we wanted someone with a fresher approach, Manav Kaul was not the initial choice because I felt there might be a negative tone. once he acted there was no looking back. ”

The manufacturers had previously announced that Sridevi would be part of the launch of the new version of Hawa Hawai 2.0, the song of yesteryear, but that did not happen. Suresh attributes it to the problems of the date. “There were some date problems: our dates were set, and as a result, there was no coincidence.” Vidya will be seen in a funny role as a night radio rider in Tumhari Sulu, which will debut this Friday.