Telugu comedian Vijay Sai found dead


In a shocking incident, Telugu film comedian Vijay Sai allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of Monday at his residence in Yusufguda in Hyderabad. The 38-year-old actor was found hanging in the bedroom of his apartment by his family members.

Initial reports suggest that Vijay was under a lot of stress due to personal and financial problems. He was living separately from his wife since 2015 and has not received good offers of films for some time. The police are probing to find out the exact reason that prompted the comedian to take such a drastic step. Local media reports suggest that the fall in Vijay’s acting career was one of the main reasons that led to her committing suicide.

Vijay Sai made his debut in the Telugu film industry in 2001 and has acted in several successful films such as Bommarillu, Ammayilu Abbayilu. While the fraternity is still impacted after hearing the news, many have also expressed their condolences.

Tollywood PRO Vamsi Kaka expressed surprise at the news and pointed out that it was not the first time that an actor was suspected of having taken his own life due to depression.

“It is sad to hear that Vijay Sai no longer exists, reports say he committed suicide because of the depression, but the police started an investigation and the real reason is yet to be discovered.” This was not the first time that an actor has taken a step Extreme like this, the big shots of the industry should intervene and find a solution to handle the problems of depression among the members of the film fraternity, “Vamsi said.