Sonali Bendre Returns To Work After ‘Major Sabbatical’: ‘Being Back Is A Surreal Feeling’


New Delhi:

“Somehow I feel a sense of additional purpose, that is,” Sonali wrote.
“Do not think that the words would do justice to how beautiful it feels,” she added.
“I am very grateful to return to action,” she added.

Sonali Bendre, who returned to Mumbai in December after undergoing cancer treatment in New York, reappears after a “great sabbatical year” and the actress describes the sensation as “surreal.” Sonali shared a photo and a video of herself from the first day of filming and wrote that she is “grateful to be back in action” and feels “an additional sense of responsibility.” “Returning to a set after an important sabbatical, one that has been testing in many ways on many levels, is a surrealistic feeling.After all this, I feel an additional sense of purpose and meaning and I am very grateful to return to action “, read an excerpt from the publication shared by the actress.

For Sonali, the feeling of being back at work is absolutely “beautiful” and her recent publication perfectly describes this emotion: “I do not believe that words do justice to how beautiful it feels to be back at work … face to the “Camera again and portray the range of emotions required. Since my emotions have been increasing for the past two months, it is good to deliver the emotions that work requires. It’s the kind of day that helps me, “Sonali wrote.

Several Bollywood celebrities commented on the message and wished the best for their efforts. “Now is a moment,” wrote Hrithik Roshan. “Wanting you to come back in. That means you can come eat fried fish,” Farah Khan wrote. Dia Mirza, Abhishek Bachchan, Daler Mehndi, Kunal Kapoor and several others commented on the post.