Priyanka Chopra Lost 10 Films After Rejecting Reputed Director, Says Madhu Chopra


The director’s report was to dress her with scant clothing: Madhu Chopra
“Priyanka refused to make the film,” he added.
“Priyanka lost 10 movies because she abandoned that project,” he said.
Priyanka Chopra, who recently spoke about the “many Harvey Weinstein” everywhere, has been following her own rules since the beginning of her trip in the film industry. Priyanka was crowned Miss World in 2000, the year she celebrated her 18th birthday, and then, two years later, made her acting debut with the film Tamil Thamizhan. The following year, she was presented in Bollywood with The Hero: Love Story of a Spy. Currently, Priyanka has more than 40 films on her resume and a popular American television show and a Hollywood movie, but she could have starred in 10 other films, which she lost after rejecting a project by a renowned director, her mother. Madhu Chopra told Deccan Chronicle.

Speaking about Priyanka to face the harassment from her first days in the relentless industry that is Bollywood, Ms. Chopra told the Deccan Chronicle: “… a designer told her that the director’s job was to dress her with scant clothing. Director had said: ‘What use is it to have Miss World in front of the camera if we can not show her as her beautiful being?’ Priyanka refused to make the film. ”

Madhu Chopra added that Priyanka had to pay the price, but that she “did not care”: “She was being led by a renowned director and she got upset, and Priyanka lost 10 films because she abandoned that project.” Madhu Chopra was speaking at the 20th International Children’s Film Festival, she is a member of the jury, reported Deccan Chronicle.

Narrating another incident of when Priyanka agreed with her values ​​even as a fresher one in the industry, Madhu Chopra told Deccan Chronicle: “She was only 17 when she entered the industry, so I accompanied her every minute of the day until About three years ago, a gentleman meets her and says: ‘Will your mother sit outside while I tell you the story?’ Priyanka told her: ‘If it’s a story that my mother can not hear, then it’s a story I can not do’. ” Madhu Chopra is also part of the producer of Priyanka Purple Pebble Pictures and is her manager.

Priyanka Chopra, now 35, also recently addressed the issue of sexual harassment at work in the 2017 Maire Claire Power Trip event. In the wake of the many accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, Priyanka had said: “There is not just one ‘Harvey Weinstein’ in Hollywood, there are many, it happens everywhere.”

Priyanka Chopra has recently been included by Forbes in the list of the 100 most powerful women. Forbes placed Priyanka in 15th place on the list of Most Powerful Women in Entertainment and Media.

Priyanka Chopra is currently in California, busy with the third season of Quantico and catching up with her friends.