Pad Man: In praise of Sonam Kapoor’s ridiculously stylish film promotion looks


They say that the only things you can count on in this life are death and taxes. But we would like to offer another invariable: Sonam Kapoor killing him in costume bets. From his first days in the spotlight, the actor has always taken the scales when leaving, either in Atelier Zuhra with sequins, Elie Saab in pink or Prada.

But his iconic style goes far beyond the silver screen and the red carpet. Although choosing our favorite Sonam outfit is difficult, we love the outfits she has been wearing for her upcoming Akshay Kumar-starrer, Pad Man promotions.

Taking risks with her dress options, Sonam carries one memorable look after another: whether she’s super glamorous in a spectacular Kojak Studio blouse or casually elegant in a large sweatshirt from Fear of God, Sonam is playing the right wardrobe notes. Anamika Khanna, a designer that Sonam loves to covet, also makes an appearance.

With a well-toned body and long legs on one side, Sonam has a true understanding of fashion, which means he knows how to build a polished set from top to bottom, one that will flatter his figure but also look sophisticated and effortless. See the proof, while we pay tribute to Sonam’s most recent serials, which demonstrate his knowledge (and that of his stylist, sister Rhea Kapoor) about the latest trends in catwalks:

On Thursday, Sonam kicked off the Pad Man promotions in Mumbai with a structured blue shirt by Georgian designer Gvantsa Janashia. For simple mortals, this shirt, combined with Comme des Garcons dark culottes, Roma Narsinghani statement and hairpin earrings, chunky brown belt and shoes with matching narrow strip by Salvatore Ferragamo, could look OTT (on top ); but in Sonam, it worked. Not many people could take such a bold look. We applaud your courage, Sonam.

On Friday, Sonam gave a massive touch to her basic set: black pants or pants and ankle boots with a built-in five-inch heel and oversized gray sweatshirt from Fear of God, with her not-so-basic accessories: uneven slopes and a bow pin in spiral by Rome Narsinghani. It was a bold move by Sonam, but we liked it because, obviously, she nailed him like an absolute professional. To complement her street style haute couture ensemble, Sonam wore her hair in a low bun. Totally a hairstyle that we will recycle this wedding season.

For a more bohemian look, Sonam changed to a maximum length with this printed issue of Anamika Khanna. Sonam is not afraid to experiment with bold colors and prints, like Friday, when she wore every inch of a gypsy princess with this beautiful vintage style dress that sported long sleeves and that fit her waist. While the dress was impressive, although a small grandmother, we have to say that it was her thick necklaces made by Amrapali Jewels that truly stole the show. Sonam let her hair fall on her shoulders in relaxing waves, adding to the fresh spring vibe. We love this look, we would say it could be wedding clothes. Do you see a windy mehendi? Look here?

Who said that the white blouse and the black pants had to be boring? After looking ethereal in a flashy maxi dress, Sonam worked a monochromatic look on Saturday. She was hard to get lost in a very eye-catching ivory blouse from Kojak Studio, which got into a pair of black YSL skinny pants. Armed with the knowledge that a pair of heels can make or undo an outfit, Sonam risked himself by sliding over a pair of stunning Gucci pumps. She put her long hair in a casual ponytail to avoid going OTT (top), while she wore her Roma Narsinghani earmuffs perfectly.