Ollywood veteran Actor Mr Debu Bose is no more….RIP…..RIP…..RIP


Feeling v v low..A pillar..an elderly figure..A real bhadralok..soft spoken..classy..no odia film was complete without his presence..looked royal in kurtas..suits n even night gowns..A loving father..A business man..jagannathe bhakta..emotions of pain ..happiness etc cod be reflected in his face ..As his inner self was just clear like water..I can go on n on..I never worked with him in any film..Yes.. met him at functions..initially he always adressed me by another name..always met with warmth n cordiality..his voice had that quality of both affection n firmness..no film was complete without drama of his n his in screen children played by stars n superstars n not without bohus n jhia played by all top heroines.so many films..to his credit..from an odissi exponent to a great actor..tarang awards 2013 I made a skit on his famous evening gown..worried how he wld take it..but he not only praised it but laughed n blessed me..debuda..wat a fulfilling life!! We all will terribly miss u..A vacuum ..n end of a era as a person n as an actor..

By Buddhaditya Mohanty