Kunal Kemmu reveals the reason behind making a biopic on ‘Ram Jethmalani’


Kunal Kemmu revealed to Mid-day.com that he plans to make a biopic about the life of India’s top lawyer, Ram Jethmalani. Ram Jethmalani has served as Minister of the Law of the Union of India and also as President of the Council of Lawyers of India. He is the highest paid lawyer in India and also the most feared and revered as well.

Kunal will co-produce the biopic with Ronnie Screwvala. Kunal says: “We have all your rights, it’s in process, but we’re not ready to discuss the cast of the film, as it’s too much to share those details”

Kunal says, “I knew very little about them, but since I got the information, I was curious.I recently became their admirer.I had only heard of him on the news until two years ago.My father used to talk about him.But as most of my friends are lawyers, I used to hear them talk about him and no conversation was complete without mention of his name.I realized he was the Great Pope of the Law. Then I read one of his books and shared the idea After that, we met Mr. Jethmalani and told him about our plan to make him a biographical film.He asked me who would be interested in my life.Then we said that he does not even have an idea of ​​how much people are interested in. That’s why we decided that we will not make the film without consulting your opinion and advice. “