Kangana Ranaut rips into Bollywood for refusing to discuss politics, says ‘this is irresponsible’


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who celebrated the success of her directorial debut Manikarnika The Queen of Jhansi at a party on Sunday, spoke at length about Bollywood celebrities trying to avoid political problems. Calling that responsible behavior, Kangana said it was the money of the people of this country that allows the stars to sit in Mercedes.

“The policy of ham ke naked mei kyu bolein Hamne kya kiya Hamne kuch nahi kiya Aise nahi chalta, you have to be responsible Ranbir Kapoor was telling someone that he was only ghar mei toh bijli pani ata hai, what is there You know, then, how it is unraveled, ki wajah se aapka ghar hai Ye deshvasiyon ka hello paisa hai jisse aap Mercedes mein baithte hain How can you talk like that? (We can not say that we work in movies and we will not talk about You have to be responsible, Ranbir Kapoor was telling someone that why should he talk about politics when he receives water and electricity in his house, this is his country, this is where you live and it is the money of our compatriots that allows you to sit in a Mercedes. “he told the media before the successful festival of Rani Jhansi’s biopic.

He also said that he is not someone who refuses to talk about politics just because he is in the movie business. “Ham toh fili mei kam karne wale hain? Never kaise politics ki bat karein? This is irresponsible.” Kya mai waisi insan hu? Nahi Isse mere career bhi chala jaye toh chala jaye .Mere ghar mei bijli pani ajaye toh iska matlab ye nahi ki mujhe kisi ki padi nahi hui (It’s irresponsible not to talk about politics just because we work in movies, I’m not such a person, even if I finish my career, I’ll talk about issues). “