I have to wake up every morning with hope in my heart: Sanjay Leela Bhansali


The masterpiece of Sanjay Leela Bhansali ‘Padmaavat’ has already crossed Rs 250 crore at the box office and continues his glorious execution at the windows. The film starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor has been on a record spree since its launch on January 25.

Undoubtedly, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who turned 55 last month, has much to celebrate. Beginning by being out of the clutches of the overwhelming controversies that entangled Padmaavat to the film’s enormous success. However, all these celebrations do not affect the director and he prefers to remain calm.

“As a child, I could never celebrate my birthday, my sister and I were not even allowed to attend birthday parties, having said that, I do not see any reason to celebrate, birthday or no birthday.” Padmaavat’s fate was never in our hands, or in the hands of those who wanted to stop it, I have only one question for those who do not like my film, many of them without seeing it: who decides what should the audience see and what does it like? ” Bhansali as he thinks about his next adventure.

Speaking more about this, SLB explains: “My work, my cinema is the only impetus, I have to wake up every morning with hope in my heart, it was traumatic for me last year, I still have to process all the attack levels I went through. I just want to thank our film for being seen by the public and liked it … except for those who invariably think that my cinema is about excesses … I can only apologize to them, next time I will try harder to please you “.

Padmaavat has been making the most of his career at the box office. The film spent a huge sum of Rs 166.50 crore at the box office in its first week. By the end of the second week, the movie had already added Rs 69.50 crore more to his kitten. The third weekend added even more Rs 17.80 crore to the total, taking the figures from the total domestic box office collection to Rs 253.80 crore.