Fukrey Returns actors think Richa Chadha will make a good politician, watch video


The Fukrey are as crazy in real life as on the reel. The main cast of Fukrey Returns – Richa Chadha, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Manjot Singh showed us their funny side during an interaction with indianexpress.com, leaving everyone in splits. From revealing who they think can be found in a strip club to who hates to take a bath, these four stars were the best they could. The actors have been in a wave of promotion before the release of the movie on December 8.

When we posted some fun questions for the team, waiting for the best answers, they surely did not disappoint us. When asked who should become a politician, they all chose Richa in unison, including herself, who said: “I hope to become a politician because if they turn around, the country will go to drains.” While everyone proudly boasted of their own names when asked who could have a villa in the next few years, Richa was a common response once again by who has the courage to rob a bank.

While Manjot took his name when he was asked who could choose a lottery ticket dropped on the floor, Richa differed by saying: “Shut up! Will you step on it and just pass by thinking what garbage is this?

The funniest moment came when we published the question of who hated to take a bath. Richa, Pulkit and Varun unanimously took the name of Manjot. To this, Manjot had a nice answer: “I’m the youngest, that’s why they’re doing this.” Richa joked: “I have to go with popular votes because I’ve never seen you bathing.” Pulkit finally explained saying: “The simple thing is that we have never seen his hair wet, Richa comes with wet hair that sometimes needs to be blow-dried, he always comes with dry hair.”

The trio also thought that Manjot could borrow his clothes and never return them. The team finished the games by qualifying their humorous side. While Richa was 9 in 10, Pulkit scored 8 and Manjot gave 10 complete in 10. But it was Varun who did not shy away from claiming that his funniest side is 12 against 10. Do you agree?