Daddy’s Fear in Dawood, Escaping from Death: How These Actors Made Their Gangster Acting Correctly


When Arjun Rampal disguised himself as Arun Gawli and went to the areas of Bombay where Dawood Ibrahim’s sympathizers lived, it was a great experience of fear. The actor plays Gawli in the gangster-turned-political biopic dad who releases tomorrow. And for him, filming the film in places like Nagpada was a real challenge.


In an interview, Rampal said that filming Dad in Dawood’s friendly areas was like: “The locations chosen were really strange, I did not know that these places really existed, their area is Agripada and then crossing to Nagpada, which is the area When I was dressed dressed like Gawli in the Dawood area with a crew of 200 people I felt that hostility. Many times we had to stop filming as some guys came and start asking. It was a bit scary, there were tension and we would take the help of the police, but it was also very exciting because that would bring the necessary energy to the film. ”

The gang wars of Dawood and Arun Gawli and the story of animosity are almost legendary. Gawli was led into the world of crime after the 1970 Mumbai Mill Strikes and the stop took a toll on many young jobs. Gawli lived in Dagdi Chawl of Byculla, an area he later began operating from. Along with Babu Reshim and Rama Naik, Gawli formed the band BRA, an acronym formed by the initials of their names. It is said that Gawli was given the responsibility of protecting Dawood Ibrahim’s shipments of electronic contraband here.