Bigg Boss 11, October 31 written update: Shipa Shinde steals money from Vikas Gupta


The Tuesday episode of Bigg Boss 11 opened with the song, Baar Baar Haan, and captured the mood of the house. The day began with the housemates deciding the match between Luv and Dhinchak Pooja. They held Luv and Pooja and even made their haldi ceremony. They decided to become their relatives and arrange their pairing.

As always, the episode of Bigg Boss can not be without a fight. While Vikas Gupta called Hina fox, pointing out her “cunning” nature, she compared him to a child. Vikas was given the responsibility to tell the housemates about the task of luxury budget. It was an individual task where the contestants had to make cushions and who completed the task and had the maximum money, won. Shilpa and Vikas had to perform the task and were given two safes full of money.

The first task was to make 75 cushions in two hours. Even when both teams took care of making the cushions, Shilpa stole money from Vikas tijori and gave it to Hina and Akash. Soon, his tijori was empty.

While Shilpa and Vikas inspected each other’s cushions, they began to fight. Meanwhile, Vikas’ team realized that there was a robbery. Vikas rejected all the cushions made by the Shilpa team. Bigg Boss announced that since the two teams could not complete their order, they failed in this task.