After Quantico Controversy, Pooja Bhatt Backs Priyanka Chopra


NEW DELHI: Pooja Bhatt backed Priyanka Chopra over Quantico’s line, a day after he apologized for a recent controversial episode of his program. Priyanka tweeted his apology over the weekend after the showrunners issued a statement in defense of their lead actress and now, Pooja Bhatt criticized the trolls of social networks and said: “When Priyanka Chopra becomes an international brand we claim her Achievements like ours and then threaten to ban your movies and make you apologize for a fiction piece created by someone else. Can we try to be bigger than that?

This is what Pooja Bhatt tweeted:

This was Priyanka Chopra’s apology:

The aforementioned controversial episode, which aired last week, portrayed by Alex Parrish frustrates the attempt of an Indian terrorist group (which she identifies because of a rudraksh in a chain used by one of the terrorists) to carry out her sinister plan . Indian fans of Priyanka considered it a betrayal and beat the actress. Even after Priyanka Chopra issued the apology (above), the Internet seemed to be “implacable” and said:

Quantico, which aired for the first time in 2015, was the first US television program of Priyanka Chopra. She led the cast for three seasons and the show will end with the end of the third season and the current one. Priyanka played the role of Alex Parrish, a FBI rookie accused of being involved in a terrorist activity, who erased his name and then promoted to the CIA, where he deals with major projects to save Americans.

After completing Quantico, Priyanka will return to India where she will begin filming Bharat in front of Salman Khan.