Your TV bill has changed from this month: Here’s how TRAI’s new rules impact


The new TRAI framework for channels and DTH providers became effective as of February 1. Although the transition was smooth and there was no blackout, the new rules require DTH and cable subscribers to choose channels and packages. The new rules aim to offer “freedom of choice” to consumers and give them “direct control” on their monthly bill for television services.

With the new rules implemented, subscribers can select only the channels they want. You can also remove channels that you do not want to see from your existing channel package. So, what impact will the new TRAI rules have on the subscribers’ monthly bill? We take a look.
The base subscription is 130 for 100 channels.

The basic monthly rate for 100 channels is common in all operators, which is Rs 130 + 18 percent GST and it is around Rs 153. All subscribers will have to pay Rs 153 as a base rate for up to 100 channels. Those who add more than 100 channels to their package must pay an additional Rs 20 for 25 channels. This is the network capacity fee, which will be charged in addition to Rs 130, plus taxes.
The channel prices reached a limit of Rs 19

TRAI has set the price of the channels in Rs 19. However, keep in mind that a high definition channel (HD) counts as two standard definition channels (SD), so a higher price could be reflected in some channels . Several channels, including Doordarshan’s, are free, so subscribers will not have to pay for them.

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Channel packages and prices

DTH providers such as Airtel, Dish, Tata Sky and cable operators have published prices for individual channels, which include taxes on their website. Subscribers can choose individual channels to make their own monthly package or choose from the packages listed by the providers. Cured monthly packages are based on the user’s TV patterns and the channels to which they are currently subscribed.

Essentially, subscribers will pay from Rs 150 plus the minimum for the 100 channel level. For any special channel, people will have to pay extra.