Victory Or Catastrophe? Amazon’s Pull-Out Leaves New York Divided


New York:

Thousands of jobs lost or a victory against a monolith: the reactions were divided on Thursday after Amazon abandoned its plans for a new headquarters in New York.

In the city of Long Island, on the banks of the East River, some residents of the towers that have emerged in recent years expressed their relief, expecting about 25,000 people to descend into the district.

“I was nervous because Amazon attracted a lot more people,” said Danielle Quagliata.

“I feel the area is pretty well built as it is,” he said. “I, for one, feel relieved.”

Others feared that rents would skyrocket, and doubted claims that Amazon would have flooded the area with jobs.

Carlos Dall’Orso, who runs the Spokesman Cycles bike store, would undoubtedly have benefited from the influx of thousands of executives with disposable income, but he is also breathing better now that the online giant retreated.

“As someone who works in retail, I do not have fun things to say about Amazon,” said Dall’Orso. “Amazon is killing retail, when all the retail is gone, then they will control the price and they will not be cheap anymore.”

And from the theory that Amazon employees could have driven their business, the entrepreneur is nihilistic.

“It’s prolonging death,” he said. “Do I take chemotherapy now or shoot myself in the head?”

Lost opportunity But some listened to the Amazon news with dismay, waiting for the move of the global operation to the city.

“Think of all the infrastructure jobs, technology, construction jobs and all the support you need for a campus like that,” said David Katzen, who owns a construction company in the area.