Tata Motors MD seeks level playing field for local firms


NEW DELHI: Guenter Butschek, the expatriate executive director of Tata Motors, wants a level playing field for local companies, saying it was not a request for protection but to secure the brand in India and encourage local investment.

“Some of our competitors (foreigners) have a much easier game, they already have the solution, so for them it was more a question of personalization,” Butschek said. “So, the whole engineering and testing part, etc., is less for someone who has a BS-VI solution list, it’s not necessary (for them) It’s a shortcut (for them but) that has extremely compressed my lines of time for all these activities. ”

Some foreign companies have very small engineering facilities in India, good enough to provide location in industrial activities. But that deals with the political problems and the transfer of technology, while working against the interests of local companies that have to build everything from the beginning on their own, he said.

“Although we also have a small engineering unit in the UK, this is all for advanced technologies,” Butschek said. “It is nowhere near my engineering capabilities located in Pune and Jamshedpur, which means that for us we really need to have resources for qualifications that are only in India and in part we lack a competitive footprint in India and engineering capabilities. of the suppliers. ”

Butschek said that although the company had “happily accepted” the challenge of jumping to the Bharat Stage-VI emission standards beginning 2020 from BS-IV now, it was a difficult decision since the development of BS-VI technology was the most important investment. great that company had done in a particular technology.

Several foreign car manufacturers already have technologies that conform to the Euro-VI standards, which are similar to those of the India BS-VI.

On the country’s goal for the transition to electric mobility, Butschek said the government should encourage the private sector to develop infrastructure more quickly.