Take my money and credit for recovery, Mallya tells PM in series of tweets


The controversial businessman Vijay Mallya opposed India’s extradition offer in UK courts on Thursday to Twitter to urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to instruct banks to take their money against loans granted to their companies.

“I respectfully ask why the Prime Minister is not ordering his banks to accept the money I have put on the table so that he can at least claim the credit for the full recovery of the public funds loaned to Kingfisher,” he said in a series. of tweets.

Mallya’s latest statements add to his repeated assertion inside and outside the courts that he is willing to reach an agreement with the Indian banks, but for inexplicable reasons his offer has not been accepted. This reluctance, he suggested, could be for political reasons.

Mallya’s legal team is in the process of requesting a permit to appeal in the Court of Appeal against the February 4 decision of home secretary Sajid Javid to extradite him to India, based on the December 10 ruling of the Court of Appeals. Magistrates of Westminster. You have 14 business days from February 4 to submit the application. “I have made the offer to settle before the Karnataka High Court of Justice, this can not be dismissed as frivolous, it is a perfectly tangible, sincere, honest and easily achievable offer.The shoe is on the other foot now. Banks do not take the money loaned to KFA? “Referring to reports of the alleged claims of the Compliance Division that he had hidden his wealth, Mallya said:” If there were hidden wealth, how could you put approximately 14 billion of assets openly in front of the court? shameful deception of public opinion but nothing surprising.

Earlier this month, Mallya attempted to challenge the narrative that he “ran away” with 9 billion rupees from banks, asking if he is justified when his assets worth 13 billion rupees had been seized.