Petrol, diesel prices cut for 4th straight day


NEW DELHI: Oil trading companies have cut gasoline and diesel prices for the fourth day in a row, albeit for a meager nine years.

Gasoline now costs 78.20 rupees in Delhi, while in Mumbai it costs 86.01 rupees per liter. In Kolkata and Chennai, it costs Rs 80.84 and Rs 81.19 per liter, respectively.

The prices of gasoline and diesel were reduced by 6 paise and 5 paise per liter, respectively, on Friday. The previous fuel prices were reduced by 7 paise and 5 paise per liter, respectively, on Thursday and 1 paise each on Wednesday.


Prices vary from state to state according to the local sales tax or VAT. Delhi has the cheapest price among all the metros and most of the state capitals.

Kerala is the only state so far to reduce the sales tax on gasoline and diesel for Rs 1.

In the 16 consecutive increases since May 14, the price of gasoline increased by 3.8 rupees per liter and diesel by 3.38 rupees.