Jet Airways’ founder Naresh Goyal makes heartfelt appeal to employees in resignation letter


Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal, who retired as chairman of the airline’s board yesterday, has sincerely appealed to employees for their continued support and understanding for a little more time in “time of need.”

The sources told Reuters that the Indian airline with cash problems was getting closer and closer to securing a rescue agreement.

However, Eithad, which owns a 24 percent stake in Jet Airways, is reluctant to provide interim funds of around $ 99 million to Jet Airways.

I am full of nostalgia, pride and indescribable emotion, Goyal added in his letter.

“The deep emotion that this has evoked leads me to attract each one of you from my heart, to support myself a little more in this difficult situation, until we leave the turbulence and fiscal challenges, towards the clear blue skies.” From a personal point of view, I am willing to make any sacrifice to ensure its future comfort and prosperity, the viability of the airline and, in fact, the welfare of all employees of the company, “wrote Naresh Goyal in his letter.