GSTN unveils offline option for GSTR-3B returns filing


The Tax on Goods and Services Network (GSTN) has launched an off-line facility that will allow taxpayers to finalize their GSTR-3B forms on their own computers before uploading it to the portal.

The deadline for submission of the GSTR-3B form for September was 20 October. Taxpayers must submit GSTR-3B forms summarized each month through January.

“This facility will provide an opportunity for the taxpayer to verify the details of GSTR 3B before submitting it and minimize the potential for error,” said Prakash Kumar, CEO of GSTN. “To simplify the reporting process, an Excel-based offline utility was introduced to introduce the GSTR-3B into the GST Portal,” the GSTN said in a statement. “The offline utility is designed to help taxpayers prepare their GSTR-3B statement on their computer system.” “The taxpayer can download the offline utility from the GST Portal in the Downloads section,” the statement added. “Taxpayers can open the GSTR-3B offline utility on their computer system, complete data and then create the json file to load it into the GST portal.”

The GSTN added that offline functions work better in Windows 7 and above, and Microsoft Excel 2007 and above. Offline functionality enters a context in which the GST portal fails several times during the previous submission deadlines.