Fresh trouble for Flipkart: Skechers files case against firm over selling fake products


In the middle of the sales season, Flipkart has attracted a new problem by itself. The atleisure brand based in the USA Skechers has filed a lawsuit against the company for selling counterfeit products under its brand with huge discounts. Skechers has filed a lawsuit against her in the Delhi High Court.

In addition to Flipkart, Skechers has also filed lawsuits against four other vendors, including Retail Net, Tech Connect, Unichem Logistics and Marco Wagon for selling counterfeit brand products online.

In his petition to the Supreme Court of Delhi, Skechers said that with the help of local commissioners appointed by the court he searched seven depots in Delhi and Ahmedabad to recover fake goods from the four vendors. Skechers said it found more than 15,000 pairs of fake shoes that would be sold as Skechers, according to a report published in the Economic Times.

The US-based retailer he has said he still has to attack more warehouses of these suppliers to count the final count.

The newspaper quoted the Flipkart spokesperson as saying: “Flipkart is an online market that helps sellers connect with customers across the country, we only act as intermediaries.”