BBB recommends 22 GMs for elevation as executive directors at PSU banks


The Banks Board Bureau (BBB), the government’s advisory body for the selection of candidates for a high-level board appointment, has recommended 22 general managers to become executive directors at the various public sector banks.

This is the first major exercise conducted by the BBB, led by the newly appointed president BP Sharma, former secretary of the Personnel and Training Department. Sharma was appointed head of the panel in April after the expiration of the two-year term of the former director Vinod Rai.

The president and panel members recommended that the general managers of the Government of India 22 be appointed executive directors in public sector banks (PSB), BBB said in a statement.

The panel has recommended general managers Manas Ranjan Biswal, Gopal Gusain, Vivek Jha, Alok Srivastava, Hemant Kumar Tamta, Ajit Kumar Das, Agyey Kumar Azad, Dinesh Kumar Garg, Sanjay Aggarwal and Shanti Lal Jain for appointment as ED.

In addition, Vijay Dube, Ajay K Khurana, A Manimekhalai, Vikramaditya Singh Khichi, Usha Ravi, P R Rajagopal, Shenoy Vishwanath Vittal, Atul Kumar, K Srinivasa Rao, Sanjay Kumar, K Ramchandran and Ajay Vyas would also be elevated.

“These recommendations are based on the interactions maintained by the Board of the Bank Board with the eligible candidates of the PSBs for appointment against vacancies in the PSBs for the 2018-19 period,” he said.

The Cabinet Appointments Commission headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make the final decision in this regard.

There are already some vacancies at the executive director level and some will be created during the course of the year.